GreatHouse PIR Sensor Birds Repeller Garden Sound Flaslight Animal Expeller


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PIR Sensor Bird Repeller Sound Flaslight Animal Expeller

The product uses gunfire and LED flashing light to deter without harm a wide range of animals including birds, pigeons, bats etc. It selectively repels those animals that are unwanted. The product does not affect people or pets. It can be used at garden, farm, balcony, and other outdoors environment.


Brand Greathouse
Material ABS
Size 12.5*7.3*12.6cm
Standby current 0.8 mA
Working current 22 mA
Working voltage 6V
Power Supply 4xAA alkaline batteries (Not include)
Coverage 80sq metres, 70 degree
Working Way Strong flashing LED and sound
Installation method Wall, Tree

Easy and safe to use. No Poison, No Chemical.
Day time and night time working modes are optional
LED flashing light beat back these animal which are afraid of light

Day Mode: Select the Day Mode, the unit working at the sound function only in day time. Sound and flash light will working same time in night time.
Night Mode: Select the Night Mode, the unit will work in sound function only in day time and flash light will working only in night time.

1. If you are worried to make a noise to disturb people at night time, we suggest you select the Night Mode.
2. Avoid placing unit behind any large trees, wall or object.
3. For best detection, the unit should be positioned on the wall between 4.8 -14.2 feet above the ground.
4. Turn off the unit if pets are playing around the protection area

Package include:
1 X Bird Repeller



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