East 7.2V Rechargeable Electric Scissor Branch Cutter Garden Power Tool


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7.2V Rechargeable Electric Scissor Branch Cutter

This rechargeable gardening scissor is used to trim small branches and flower, fruits,etc., safe, and convenient. Using high quality ABS material and 65Mn material, quality assurance, durable and not easy to get rusty, long service life.

Product Parameter:

Product Name 7.2V Rechargeable gardening scissor
Brand / Type East, China Zhejiang, ST1002
Weight About 600g
Material ABS plastic + Manganese steel
Cutting Speed 1.2s/time
Max Cutting Diameter 1.6cm
Charging Time 4 hours
Rated Voltage 7.2V DC
Battery Capacity / Type 1.3Ah, Lithium Battery
Total Length 23cm
Lanyard Length 14cm

Special treatment blade, sharp, long-lasting, ideal tools for small branches and flower, fruits, etc.
Safety switch, using high-quality plastic material, quality assurance
Main switch rocker, press to start, release to end, simple and quick
Self-locking retractors, pull down to start work, otherwise stop, more safe
Tail lanyard design, easy to carry and hang, space saving, convenient to use

1. Pull the safety switch to the "ON" position
2. Then hook back with self-locking retractors, the activity blade open to the maximum position
3. Press the main switch rocker, activity blade closed until it stops once the cut is complete. ( The whole process remains self-locking retractor state)

1. Move the blade cover before operation.
2. Please wear safety gloves when handling.
3. When cutting, be careful not to touch a hard object (such as a metal wire, railings), when accidentally touched, should close it immediately and check damage of the blade.
4. Before charging, must put the safety switch to the "OFF" position.

Package Include:
1 X Rechargeable Gardening Scissor
1 X Charger
1 X Outlet Plug (matching according to different countries)


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