40pcs Lithops Seeds Stone Flower Succulent Plants Potting


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Scientific Name: Lithops pseudotruncatella
Growth temperature: 15-25?
Germination period: 10-20 days
Growing period: Spring and autumn
Flowering Period: 2-3 years
Growth habit: Sunniness, warm and dry environment

The flower usually opens in the afternoon, closes at nightfall, and opens again in the next day afternoon.
Flowers almost cover the whole plant when the Lithops pseudotruncatella blooms. That is so beautiful.
Small succulent plants can be used a desktop plant to refresh.
Succulent plants thrive in high heat with little water, making them perfect for low-maintenance container gardens.

Material Requested:
Seeding container: 1 X Seedling box or 1 X Square small flowerpot
Soli: Peat, Akadama soil
Bactericide: Carbendazim

Seeding Process:
1. Before put the soil, put some ceramsite or small stone in the bottom of the seedling box. Fill the box with soil, and remove around the excess soil.
2. Disinfect the soil: Put 1/5 carbendazim into the seedling box base, add clearwater. Water levels do not exceed the top of box. Place the box of filled with soil into the seedling box base. Please handle it with care, or the water and soil will be overflowed.
3. After 10 minutes, pour the water from seedling box base, and clear the seedling box
4. Sowing seeds: Put the seeds evenly on the surface of soil, and cover with the lid. Place the seedling box in a bright place, stay out of in the sun exposure.
5. If the seeds shoot out buds, please keep the box ventilation. You can take off the lid at night and cover with the lid in the daytime.
6. According to the condition of germinating after 10-25 days, take off the lid and place the box in a bright place. Remember to avoid direct sun.

Package included:
40 X Lithops Seeds

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