10pcs Pitcher Plant Seeds Rare Carnivorous Sarracenia Seeds


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10pcs Rare Carnivorous Sarracenia Flower Seeds Pitcher Plant Seeds

Sarracenia, semi-hardy perennial, is a insectivorous plant.
leaves shape like upright or lateral bottle, most of them are bright colors, and have brilliant spots or textured.
bottle-shaped leaf has a insect sac, opening wall is smooth, can secrete honey  to lure insects to come and fall into the sac
secrete honey and digestive juices, secrete digestive enzymes to break down insects and absorb them.

Height: 30cm
Crown: 20cm
Light: Full sun
Survival temperature: 0-38 °C
Suitable temperature: 20-30 °C
Culture Media: peat, sphagnum, perlite, sand, etc.
Humidity: > 30%

Planting points: need to use low mineral content of water (such as rain water, pure water, etc.). Need sunlight, because light makes plants grow more robust and have bright colors. Fertilization can use diluting 4000 fold of leaf leaven to spray foliar, biweekly,
or use fertilizer of 1/5 concentration.

Package included:
10X sarracenia seeds

Stored in a cool, dry place.


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